I would highly recommend Steve Williams as a golf instructor. His lessons include verbal instruction, demonstrations and videos of the student. I like his positive approach. I think Steve has a gift to communicate with his students and I feel he is sincerely interested in the student and their desire to improve. Another positive - his fees are very reasonable.

Cherry Ford


My interaction with Steve Williams has greatly enhanced my ability to communicate with my golf students. Had it not been for Steve I would still be struggling with band aid golf instruction. Mr. Williams laid the foundation for me to better interpret student needs, whether they are beginners or students that excel. Steve has the ability to quickly analyze and with minimal instruction provide the individual with a clear picture of what is required to improve.

Keith Friesen
Usgtf Level III Golf Teaching Pro


I earned certification as a Level III Teaching Professional with the United States Golf Teachers Federation in the spring of 2008. My examiner was Steve Williams. Since that time, I’ve relied heavily, in my own teaching, on the swing fundamentals and instruction advice Steve provided. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Steve on ‘tightening the tolerances’ in my own swing. Steve understands the golf swing inside and out, from a physical and physiological perspective, and can tailor a fundamentally sound action that’s right for YOU. I’m already seeing improvement in my swing, and I’m anxious to where my golf journey with Steve Williams will take me.

Paul Devore
USGTF Levl III Golf Instructor


I met Steve years ago while working on my Teaching Certification. The first impression until today, I have been amazed by his knowledge, and ability to communicate that knowledge is outstanding. His dedication and desire to give back to the golfing community is unmatched, whether it be the youngest or the oldest, it doesn't vary. He sets a standard that all Golf Professionals should emulate.

Joe Barber
Certified Professional Golf Instructor


Steve Williams was my instructor for USGTF Level 3 this past December. I have been teaching for over 20 years & learned more those 4 days than the past 20 years. His mentoring has influenced and shaped my teaching style and now I have doubled my students already at the start of this season. Steve's knowledge & passion for the game of golf makes everyone he comes into contact with better.

Scott Lindgren
Golf Operations Manager
The Golf Club at Frisco Lakes.


I thoroughly enjoyed the classes with you. Not only did it help MY game, (I can honestly say that sand has ceased to be a problem), but it gave me the map to clear, easy-to-convey teaching techniques. Though I focus on teaching putting, I occasionally have people ask me about other areas of the game. I immediately go back to the seminar, and your techniques. Thanks.

Chip Flatow
San Antonio,


Steve … great instructor, keen minds eye, thorough in discussing the need to be able to communicate with clients. In the classroom, Steve opened discussion on each topic – swing plane, grip, stance, release, swing faults – you name it – and was able to provide detailed examples and get us discussing the many ways to view, correct and communicate with our students. On the range, what impressed me most was Steve’s ability to immediately detect the slightest swing fault and suggest a correction – without the aid of slow-motion video. I consider myself very lucky to have met and had him as a USGTF Instructor.

Clarence Von Aspern
USGTF Level III Golf Instructor


I believe the purest form of promoting the game of golf is through instruction. For the people who teach professionally, it is a ministry that molds character as well as golf games.

I have known Steve Williams for years and consider him to be the epitome of a Professional Golf Instructor. He is adept at teaching players of all levels and also has the ability to lend his knowledge to those who hope to teach themselves.

Steve is dedicated to bringing players and teachers to the game and it is people like him that insure the healthy growth of golf now and in the future. He has my fullest confidence.

Michael A. Wolf
Head Golf Professional
U.S.G.T.F. Certified Master Teaching Professional
The Oaks Golf & Tennis Club
Evansville, IN


I hold a Level III Certification from the USGTF and I am also a member of the IPGA. I have been playing golf for the past sixty (60) years and since my retirement from a large Corporation have enjoyed employment within the golf community for the past twenty years. I have held many different positions from entry level (Player Assistant) to Assistant Professional at a prestigious Golf Club.

I became a Certified Golf Teaching Professional in August, 2007 and have enjoyed the job of golf instruction since that time. My Certification Leader was Steve Williams. I had enrolled for only the Level I but was so impressed with Mr. Williams instruction and leadership that I extended my enrollment and stayed to complete the Level III Certification. I have many memories of my week of Certification - mostly because of the quality and thorough coverage presented by Mr. Williams. He was firm but fair and went beyond the ordinary in order to make certain that each of us was comfortable with the material and understood his professional explanation of the various facets of the golf swing and ways in which to correct swing flaws.

I have continued to communicate with Steve and he has been most helpful when I needed advice and direction. I shall forever be indebted to him for his kind advice when I was writing my Golf Resume.

Glenn Barton
The Golfers Glen


If you are looking for a golf instructor that has a true understanding of the fundamentals of a good golf swing then Steve is your guy. Also, if you are looking for someone that is passionate about teaching you those fundamentals and takes a personal interest in your improvement then you need to set up a lesson with Steve. Thirdly, if you are looking for someone who is patient and understanding but at the same time will push and encourage you to improve - go see Steve!

As a former golf instructor and current golf coach, as well as someone who has taken lessons from several teaching professionals, I can say with certainty that Steve is the most knowledgeable teacher of the game that I have ever met. But it is not only his vast knowledge that sets him apart. It is his passion for teaching and his genuine interest in seeing his students improve that truly makes him different from any other golf instructor that you will meet.

I believe that his patience and understanding as a teacher comes from that fact that he was a top-notch player and that he, unlike almost all other golf instructors, has personally worked through many of the changes that he will ask you to make in your golf swing.

Paul Compton
Head Golf Coach
Clear Brook High School


In my opinion, Steve is the consummate golf teacher!

If you really want to improve your golf swing and have fun doing it, Steve Williams is your man!!! Steve is a teacher's teacher. He works with golf professionals, both players and instructors, and shares a unique knowledge of golf, and how people learn.

I have been working with Steve for slightly over three years and although he is not my first instructor, his communication skills, golf swing knowledge, and knowledge of the game itself are second to none. He uses video to graphically show not only what one is doing in the golf swing but also where body parts need to be to achieve better results.

After analysis, a student is given an item or two to practice to progress towards a better swing. I am never given more than two moves to practice and I'm not overloaded with thoughts that paralyze my mind. Steve has transformed my golf swing!

Steve wants each student to improve so they can derive more fun and enjoyment from the game of golf. His objective is to help each student understand what he/she needs to do so they can "fix" an issue on their own. Given the opportunity and time, Steve can take each student as far as they want to go to reach their goal.

At the end of each session, I have come away feeling better about the world in general than when I arrived for the lesson. Each lesson is fun, positive, and engaging. If you don't learn something while having fun, it will be your fault for not paying attention! Steve wants to work himself out of a job by teaching you to correct your swing when an issue arises but he is always there for you - just a phone call away.

I cannot say enough about Steve as a communicator, teacher, or person without sounding phony. I think the world of him, lest I wouldn't be willing to drive 35 miles each way to spend time with him. There is no doubt in my mind that if you team up with Steve, you too will have a wonderful experience, fun, and vastly improve your golf swing.

Fairways and greens!!!
Bob Myer


"As a PGA Touring Professional, I compete against the best players in the world. Consequently, I have to keep my game sharp. Steve Williams has helped me to do this.

I have worked with many of the top golf instructors in the world...I am talking about the best of the best. In my opinion, I have not found a better instructor anywhere, than Steve. He is a gifted communicator and his passion for teaching is evident when you hear him speak.

If you seriously want to improve your game, whether you are a touring professional, a weekend golfer or just learning to play golf as a beginner, I suggest you go see Steve. You will not only learn more about the golf swing and how to play golf to your personal potential, you will have great fun in the process."

JL Lewis
PGA Touring Professional
1999 John Deere Classic Champion
2003 84 Lumber Classic of Pennsylvania Champion
2003 money earnings of $2,039,259.00

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